Bad Credit Auto Dealers in Houston

It’s been a rough summer, long work commutes and big chuckholes have really put a beating on your vehicle. You would never dream of taking your vehicle on a cross-country trek, and your teeth chatter just thinking about how long it takes your heater to warm up in winter. Sounds like you need a new car.
What’s that, you say? Your credit is really bad, you keep getting turned down and you just know that no one will approve you? All things considered, old buddy, it would appear that you simply should be pointed the correct way. Here at Padela Motors, we can help with that.

The Truth about Bad Credit Auto Dealers In Houston:

The fact is, buying a car with bad credit can be a challenge. You may confront many knocks along the way i.e.; narrow vehicle collection, higher interest rate, and upfront deposit requirement. Nevertheless, these things can be overcome with a little pre-arrangements and the perfect bad credit auto dealers in Houston.
When you need auto financing and have poor credit, the answer is a subprime auto loan. These differ from traditional loans in a few key ways. Most subprime lenders are not direct lenders and work mainly through dealerships that are signed up with them. Individuals with terrible credit will in all likelihood need to go to a dealership first since it’s hard to get pre-endorsed if you have credit challenges.
Buyers with low credit tend to be a higher loan risk that is why you will also need to bring some additional documentation apart from your driving license and state ID.
What Does the Dealer Need?
The lender will judge your loan risk by looking at how stable your income is, your employment history and how long you have lived in the area, among other things. They will also look at your ability to pay for the car loan based on your income, bills and how likely you are to pay back the loan based on credit history.
As a borrower with credit challenges, you will have shown the lender proof that you earn what you say you earn, and that you live where you say you live. Along with this documentation, there are two other things you will need to provide to a subprime lender that may surprise you: proof of a working phone and a list of personal references.
Let’s look at the four things—known as clauses—that you will need to provide to a dealer to get a subprime auto loan.
1. Proof of income – This must be in the form of a computer-generated check stub. It must be current, show year-to-date income, and your wages must be reported on a W-2 form at the end of the year.

2. Proof of residence – This must be a current (within the past 30 days) utility bill in your name, showing the address used on the application. A good tip: make sure your bill is up to date. It may not look so good to a lender if the bill you are using as proof is 30- or 60-days past due. Also, most lenders will require your rent or mortgage to be current.

3. Working phone – This must be a landline or contract cell phone from a national carrier, in your name. Prepaid cell phones can’t be used. As lenders sometimes say “No phone means no loan!” This is so they can reach you if something happens, such as missing a payment.

4. References – This typically should be a minimum of six people, with full names, addresses and phone numbers. They can be co-workers or friends, but some lenders prefer you to use relatives. The one rule is that they cannot live at the same address as you, and each must have a different address.

Since you recognize what’s in store, you can begin exploring your next vehicle. Let Padela Motors enable you to begin. We invite you to visit us at your earliest convenience.

Used Car Dealers on Little York Road

Top 5 Used Car Dealers Near Little York Road,

Houston Direct Auto Logo

Houston Direct Auto

At Houston Direct Auto you can locate some stunning deals of autos, trucks, SUV’s and vans. Houston Direct Auto offers exceptional financing alternatives that incorporate purchase here pay here (in-house financing) and we can support everybody without a credit check.

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Hertz Car Sales Houston South

At Hertz Car Sales Houston South, we know how troublesome it can be to find a utilized auto in the model you need. The troublesome undertaking is typically finding a used auto with any kind of confirmation in its quality or financial worth, and that’s where a few people surrender. Here at our used car dealer in Little York Road Houston, TX, we work energetically to locate the best-utilized autos to pitch to our customers.

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Northwest Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Northwest Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram

At Northwest Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram we keep up a stock of just about 1000 New and Used autos, mini-trucks and SUVs for you to browse from. We likewise have an exceptionally prepared staff of sales executives who make sure in giving you a paramount car purchasing knowledge and helping you leave with the vehicle you need at the most affordable cost.

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We, trust that it is a special place and our clients, are unique people. We will do all that we can to remain involved in our community. We are certain that when they choose to visit our lot of used cars, we will give them the top-most level of service because in our opinion they deserve it.

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Used Car Dealership in Houston


At Padela Motor, we offer 0% interest and no pre-installment. The autos we offer experience thorough point machine review. Our entire stock is handpicked. We’re fit for keeping our overheads enormous low with a specific end goal to pass on the monetary savings to our customers.

Padela Motors, which was built in 2009, is a used car dealer in Little York, Houston and has since developed into the Premier Used Car dealer Complex in the United States. We have been catering the quality used automobile needs of our clients for over 7 years now with market competitive prices. We have connections to some of America’s least expensive autos.

Used Cars In Houston

Used Cars In Houston

Where You Should Buy Your Next Used Car

With regards to purchasing used cars in Houston, you have options of where you purchase. Although, individual vendors, franchise dealerships and independent dealerships all have their own particular kind of advantages and disadvantages.

Individual Used Car Sellers

With regards to purchasing a used car from an individual, experts brings up that, “Pricing is mostly lower when you buy a used car from an individual, who doesn’t need to stress over paying overhead or comparative expenses.” Also, a few people are extremely apprehensive about working with franchise dealerships and feel less threatened when purchasing specifically from someone else.”

Individual sellers can be more adaptable with regards to another indispensable piece of the used vehicle shopping process.

However, there are disadvantages in purchasing a used vehicle from an individual dealer as they normally have only one vehicle that is available. In the event that you don’t find your ideal pre-owned auto on the first go, you can wind up with time-consuming setbacks, infrequently making numerous meetings with various dealers before a negotiating a deal.

Individual sellers cannot offer pre-owned autos that have been checked by skilled mechanics nor can they offer any financial help or guarantee coverage that a franchise dealership will definitely provide.     

Diversified and Independent Dealers

As compared to an individual seller, a franchise vehicle dealership will have the capacity to convey a broad selection of vehicles and vehicle sorts, including licensed pre-owned autos and trucks, alongside streamlined financing and warranty openings.

As far as how well clients are dealt with, it’s considerably simpler for you to do inquiry about a dealership than on an individual seller, and you should search for buyer reviews to check whether there are any warnings that would direct you far from some places.” dealerships regularly permit exchange offers, regardless of whether you’re acquiring another used vehicle.  That not only decreases the cost of the auto or truck you’re getting, it additionally spares any bother over attempting to sell your own vehicle yourself.

However, there will be major contrasts between heading off to a franchise vehicle dealership and an independent one.

Most  independent dealers don’t do their own particular service, however purchasing from a franchise dealer, regardless of whether you don’t purchase a CPO vehicle, allows you to build up an association with the service depart.”

The main issue when purchasing used cars in Houston is that private dealers in Houston have a tendency to give the most minimal costs, yet what you spare in money must be adjusted against the additional time and exertion that can be expected to discover only the privilege pre-claimed vehicle, in the correct condition. Likewise, a portion of the dealership value premium goes specifically to vehicle advantages, for example, reconditioning, inspections and warranty coverage which isn’t accessible from individual sellers.

Looking for Used Cars in Houston

Padela Motors doesn’t expect you to simply take our word that we offer excellent service, however. Sometimes, seeing truly is believing. That’s why we invite you to visit us at your earliest convenience. We are located at 19410 FM 529 Road #1 Cypress TX Houston. We are your direct source of quality pre-owned vehicle you want to drive!

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Used Car Dealership In Houston

used car dealership in Houston

You not only need a used car dealership but you need a team of experts that have your best concerns at heart and plan to make each visit one that prizes you with outcomes that improve life. When you pick Padela Motors you can make certain that we will do our part to offer you the most reasonable and appropriate used car dealership in Houston that is in the ideal condition for a long time to come. What’s even better, when the time comes to find the next vehicle, we’ll be more than happy to offer you the best-in-quality pre-owned and new models from all brands under one rooftop.

We, at Padela Motors, have been a dynamic Used Car Dealership in Houston for over 7 years, offering our customers a guarantee to supremacy that goes well beyond the desires set by the corporations. We have been competing in the market since 2009. This guarantees when you work with us that you generally get the best client benefit – from experts that maintain a long-term connection to all your car needs. We work tenaciously to get you the allusive vehicle that you aspire!

The vehicles we offer experience an intensive and thorough point machine examination. Our entire stock is handpicked. Since we are not as enormous as Franchise dealers we’re fit for holding our overheads to a great degree great low which will pass on the monetary money related funds to our clients. We offer cars at 0% loan fee and 0% down payment.

We look ahead to supplying you with a problem free and advanced customer service so you can make certain you’ll find the outcomes that work best for you.

Looking for a Used Car Dealership in Houston 

Padela Motors doesn’t expect you to simply take our word that we offer excellent service, however. Sometimes, seeing truly is believing. That’s why we invite you to visit us at your earliest convenience. We are located at 19410 FM 529 Road #1 Cypress TX 77433.  We are your direct source of quality pre-owned vehicle you want to drive!

0 % Car Finance in Houston

0 % Car Finance Houston

Padela Motors began in 2009, as a utilized auto dealership complex in Houston has since advanced into the Premier Used Car Dealer’s Complex in the United States. For more than 7 years now, we have been putting forth our clients with top-notch used vehicles at competitive costs. We approach some of America’s most economical vehicles, and our vendors consult around hundred of buyers per week.

Purchasing an auto on 0 % car finance can be a startling and horrendous experience. Here at Padela Motors, we feel inclined at the chance to make the entire procedure of acquiring an auto as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible. Because of our hassle-free and efficient 0 % car finance program, our bargains are genuine and faultless. It’s straightforward, the charge you recognize the car advertised for is the expense you will pay for that auto.


Bad credit score should not be holding you down anymore. Look through our utilized vehicles. You can search by criteria like cost and mileage to find the best possible vehicle for you. Read used auto reviews, check out the models and assess autos aspects before making your mind up.

Looking for 0 car finance in Houston ?

We’re settled in 17670 W.Little York Rd Houston. For more records, you may visit our site Padela Motors. We anticipate your favorable answer, to the possibility of working with you sooner rather than later.